About Us 

Our philosophy: Walking with Christ, Guided by God's Written Word 


Pastor Larry believes in building a community with Christ.  Letting Jesus' light shine through him, in hopes of helping people walk with Jesus.  The belief is that with Jesus, anything is possible; anyone can be saved from the darkness that surrounds us in our daily lives.  The relationship with Him is what is important.  Jesus provides us with a beacon of hope.



A Different Kind of Lutheran Church.


Since Martin Luther established the need for the church to be a pathway to God and not an obstacle, Lutheran churches have been a wonderful part of American culture.  Our goal at Shepherd of the River is to not only continue that tradition, but to also reach for what Jesus has for us today.


At Shepherd of the River our desire is to be a congregation in relationship with a Living God.  We believe if the tomb is empty, our hearts can be full. We want more than the politics of religion and the stress of doing.  We want to hear God's voice, know God's will and walk in God's plan. We want more than a cross, we seek a resurrection.



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